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Hobie sports review betting

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To work properly, a side-scan transducer needs a clear view to either side of the boat. But, the transducer hanging below the keel puts it in the line of fire for hitting an underwater obstruction or dragging across the ground. The sonar shield allows the angler to pull a cord and retract the transducer in shallow water. Or, if the transducer hits a rock or log, it pops up into the hull undamaged. The system is designed to accept any transducer puck, even the long narrow ones used for side-scan sonar.

With four-way adjustment for a perfect fit and mesh padding to provide sturdy support, the Vantage CTW is made for all-day fishing. The CTW is an inch and a half wider than most frame seats to carry a full-size angler comfortably. These simple but smart accessories make the Hobie Mirage Outback one of the best pedal kayaks for fishing. A sturdy and comfortable fishing kayak.

After years of research and development, Hobie developed the most advanced, reliable, and powerful Mirage Drive pedal system. Twenty years ago, Hobie reinvented human-powered watercraft with the first Mirage Drive pedal system. Instead of turning bicycle pedals to spin a propeller, the Mirage Driver kicks two levers that flap two flexible flippers below the boat. Fans of the flipper systems say the Mirage Drive is more powerful and easier to operate than a pedal-driven propeller.

Each has advantages, and both sides have die-hard advocates who argue the benefits of flippers and propellers. One of my favorite features of the Mirage Drive pedal system is instant zero draft. By kicking one pedal forward, I can flatten the fins against the bottom of the boat to cross shallow water.

If the flippers or rudder hit an obstruction, they fold out of the way. As soon as the obstruction is cleared, the fins pop back into place. The downside of the Mirage Drive is shifting into reverse. A propeller drive offers instant reverse, but to go backwards with the Mirage Drive, I have to reach down and pull a cord that spins the flippers. After some time in the Outback, I found shifting into reverse became second nature.

At feet long and 34 inches wide, the Outback saves two inches and 20 pounds on the Pro Angler 12, making the boat great for quick trips in sheltered waters. When I get to the backwater, the open, padded deck makes the Outback perfect for stand-up kayak fishing. You can even pull the drive out and store it in the tankwell. Without the drive, the Outback is easier to control while standing and fishing. In this Hobie fishing kayak, I can sneak into marsh creeks and across shallow flats to chase down skinny-water ghosts.

Sight fishing is where the stand-up features really shine. When I do need to cross open water or the weather turns for the worst, I have the Mirage Drive to carry me home. Not true with the Mirage Drive Outback. The Hobie Mirage Outback is primarily designed for standing and fishing, so the stability is rock solid.

Not only does it have a wide, broad hull, but the soft chine where the bottom of the boat meets the side is rounded to absorb waves. The pedal drive and rudder further improve stability making the Outback an easy platform for stand-up kayak fishing. The downside of a wide stable hull affects speed and tracking. Adding a pedal drive overcomes these limitations. The flippers provide plenty of power and help keep the boat going straight. The Outbacks Kick Up Rudder is more than enough to turn the boat in tight circles.

And, if the rudder hits bottom, it pops up to avoid damage. The Outback sits low to the water to improve performance in the wind, and a narrow bow helps the boat cut into waves. The kayak can reliably handle pretty much any sea conditions, but does best in sheltered water.

The sporty performance and stable hull inspire confidence and make kayak fishing easier. The rod holders behind the seat are angled for trolling, while the rod holders in the bow are great for soaking bait and drifting. The front rod holders are also perfect for holding the rod while I stand and paddle.

The H-Rail and tackle organizers on either side of the cockpit are convenient for holding the gear I need while I stand-up fish. Gear tracks and H-Rails offer a choice for mounting my fishfinder and other accessories. Hobie was wise to give the Outback a huge tankwell. Anglers want to tackle boxes and gear in easy to reach places. Mirage Sport Kayak also has a paddle keeper and an important drink holder. The cockpit is not that long and thus tall anglers can also feel a little cramped while piloting the vessel.

A good thing is that the kayak comes with footwells as well which are perfect for those of you who would rather paddle than peddle. It also has a Vantage CT seat which is adjustable in four ways and features a mesh back that helps to keep your back cool even in hot weather.

Stability and Maneuverability With an almost inch-long beam, the boat might not seem to be that stable, but rest assured that the kayak performs very well. The more experienced anglers can even stand while fishing, although the bigger the fish the more recommended it is to sit down. While the craft only has a max capacity of pounds it can still be used to store all the necessary gear someone would need. When it comes to maneuvering the boat, you will be pleased to hear that the kayak is easier to maneuver on even the most crowded waters.

The MirageDrive pedal system allows the paddlers to rest their leg muscles and also use the muscles to power the vessel. The boat weighs 78 pounds fully rigged and might pose some challenges for a single person to carry. A good thing is that the vessel has handlers at the stern and bow which makes it easier to carry around.

It is not that good of a choice for big and tall anglers as it will be very uncomfortable. The pint-sized paddlers will find the kayak one of the best acquisitions of their life. The Mirage Sport Kayak is surprisingly stable for its size. The kayak is a small, nimble, and capable craft that offers quality at a great price.

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