best coin to dual mine with ethereum
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Best coin to dual mine with ethereum daily forex signal

Best coin to dual mine with ethereum

This address will be used in miner settings. And from the Binance exchange, it will be possible to withdraw Ethereum to a card with minimal commissions. To withdraw ALPH coins to the card, it is more convenient to use the gate. By the way, an option will soon appear in the ALPH wallet mobile application, with the help of which you can transfer coins to the deposit of this exchange without the need to take actions and without creating a transaction with a comment.

His server: fi. There are many good pools, the largest of which is Ethermine, but it is not very convenient due to the minimum withdrawals, which will take a long time, although administrators are trying to reduce both the commission and the withdrawal amount through swap services and online wallets. If you are using the HiveOS mining operating system, most likely you are mining in the HiveON pool in order to pay less for the number of connected farms.

And this is one of the right decisions, but the minimum payouts are still high if you are not a big miner. The only real solution for miners with low computing power will be the Binance exchange pool. Everything that you get in one day will be deposited in your deposit in the morning.

I personally use Binance Pool for Ethereum mining. You can download lolMiner from github. Unpack the folder with the miner from the archive, find the required BAT file and open it with notepad to change the configuration. Then save the changes to the file and start mining.

The anti-virus may swear, go to the protection log and restore the locked file. In addition, there is a convenient web interface and a mobile application for configuration and monitoring. The first step is registering an account with HiveOS. The interface of the program is simple, first select the image and then the disk or flash drive you want to flash with Hive and start the burning process.

Then you need to go to the HiveOS web interface and create a platform, if you entered a promo code, then a platform with a bonus balance will already be created. Then go to the farm and create a worker. One for some video cards, for example T-rex miner. To do this, you can specify the key --devices 0,1,2 in the miner with a list of cards. Intense noise. Hardware is loaded to such an extent that makes a lot of noise in the process.

It hardly may be compared with a roar of a jet aircraft engine, but it may be uncomfortable when being near. Commission increase. If you haunt for two cryptocurrencies simultaneously, you are going to pay a double fee. But today, in spite of mining two coins is not so popular as three years ago, K1Pool still believes in its efficiency.

And for good reasons. Dual Mining has its undeniable strengths: Easy switching. You can switch from one coin to another with only one click every minutes or nearly 15 times a day. Hash rate maintaining. Both coins have similar principles of mining and take the highest effective capacity of your video card. Mining of one coin loads it partially, while mining of both makes your hardware to operate at full throttle.

Video card overclocking. You may overclock a graphic card and get an additional hashrate. If you set up a mining program correctly, leave the rest to soft. An automatized hardware is not needed to be controlled. In most cases, dual mining is possible on the Ethash algo with the following coins you select as a key: EthereumPoW.

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